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Get your Cash in
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  • Tax deductible
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Terms & Schedules

  • No bills to pay
  • Not personally liability
  • A-B-C credit not required

REV Funding understands & responds to your fast-paced business.

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How applying works

Apply Online

Our secure, fast 3-step application makes it easier than ever to get the cash help you need. Simply fill out our cash advance form and we'll guide you through the rest.

Quick Approval

You can get approved in 24 Hours! Don't wait days or even weeks to see if you're approved for your business cash advance.

Get Your Funds

In most cases, you can access your cash within 2 days. Don't let a cash shortage linger - get your cash advance today!

Our Matching Promise:

No matter what your credit, we can find you the cash advance that fits your budget and capital needs. We work with today's top funding sources to match our customers with short and long-term cash advances that put you back in control of your finances. Get Matched to the Best funding source for your business, finding the best available cash advance is just one click and minutes away. You can get up to $500,000 and receive your cash within 2 days, making it easier than ever to get the capital you need.

Get Matched with a Cash Advance and Take Control of Your Budget

At REV Funding, finding the best available business cash advance is just one click and minutes away. You can get up to $500,000 and receive your cash within 2 days, making it easier than ever to get the money you need.

At your speed

You get real-time access to funding sources who are willing to provide you a cash advance...

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Bad credit okay

Even with bad credit, no credit or past financial struggles, you can still qualify...

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Less forms

You can reach multiple funding sources with just one application...

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Financial Freedom. Literally.

REV Funding is wherever you are. With our mobile optimized site, you are free to manage funds anywhere on the go from your phone or tablet, all with the same great security.

No lines. Just a simple, secure way to get cash sent directly to your bank account from around the world.

Important Information About Your Cash Advance

Because we aren't a lender, only your cash advance provider can offer specific repayment options and details if you can't repay your cash advance on time. You can ask your funding source for implications of non-payment at any point during the application process.

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